...the guitar is a huge stand out feature of the piece, and really sounds beautiful, accompanied by the piano....Reviewer "Ivory Towers"

Love the instruments playing. The sound quality is great. Could see myself listening to this while I relax and enjoy peace and quiet. Would like to hear more of this... Reviewer - "Just Dream"

Awesome music for those hectic work weeks we all go through,,, relaxing, soothing.... Reverbnation fan

Wow - you are amazing - I've already shared your page on my twitter and I can't stop listening! - Numberonemusic.com fan

Where is she from : Munster Indiana 

 Currently living in Las Vegas, NV.

Relationship status: : Married to my best friend,

Author Thom Reese

Family: Lots and lots of family  - 3  daughters, 6 brothers and sisters, sister and brother in-laws and too many nieces and nephews and cousins  to count. And 2 cats.

Favorite past time:  hiking , camping, biking, golfing, bowling and any outside activity.

Personal goals :  Doing what I love and loving what I do.

Favorite Color - Purple

This is a very beautiful instrumental!!!! I highly recommend everyone download this tune! Love it!!! - Amazon purchase "Ireland Forever In My Heart"


I've been listening to "Ireland Forever In My Heart" in these last couple of days non stop, I played this song for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it.

Fan - Numberonemusic.com